Your child is our priority

Here at Fleur de Lys Preschool, we have a good understanding of children's lives and their social contexts, basing our teaching around them. Supporting and encouraging personality development, autonomy and creativity are top priorities for us. Developing social interaction and understanding differences in others also plays an important role in our work. We also support you, the parent, in bringing up your child.


Experienced, fully qualified early years teachers will provide your child with challenging activities everyday. Your child's pre-school years are crucial, they should be absorbing, challenging, fun and full of opportunities for them to express their imagination. We are determined that every child should be given the best possible start in life and want to ensure that when your children leave us they have established good life skills which will help them in every aspect of their education.


Our motto: A promising start!


All-round care for your child means to us:

  • developing independence skills
  • language development
  • early musical appreciation
  • physical education
  • pre-school work


Would you like to learn more about our approach?

Please contact us on +44 1522 704984 or use our contact form.