Parents as Partners

Successful cooperation between parents and teachers is important because it also has an effect on your child's development. This is why we encourage a culture of cooperation, continuous exchange between parent and teacher and joint planning of parties, events and excursions.


We will share information with you on a regular basis, many of the differnt times and ways are listed below, please always think of them as opportunities for yourselves to share information with us too.



  • Using the children’s name boards.
  • Two-way verbal feedback on the children’s emotional, physical and developmental achievements.
  • Notifications of accidents, injuries, toileting habits, amount of food eaten and liquids taken etc.



  • Displaying plans of the activities their children will take part in – parents encouraged to add ideas.
  • Displaying the week’s menu.
  • Notification of visits and outside plans
  • Notice of opportunities for parents/carers to support the setting and their children’s development.
  • Website updated.



  • Pre-school news letter
  • Ways that parents can support their child over the coming month.
  • Next-steps are discussed with parents and sent home.
  • Parents encouraged to take their child’s learning journal home and add their own observations.


Every three months

  • Parent and Pre-school meeting



  • parent and child questionnaire
  • summative report of your child's progress.



Our current opportunities for you to be involved

  • 'Story time'
    Regularly held on the Fleur de Lys Preschool premises, the children's mums and dads read stories to different age groups.
  • 'Music time'
    Can you play a musical instrument? Do you have an hour to spare to show our children how to play it? Then love to welcome you.
  • 'Hobby time'

Do you have a hobby you could share with the children? Do you play a either a team or solo sport that you would like to show the children? Whether it's cross-stitch, rugby or ski-ing we'd love for you to share your enthusiasm with our children.